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Almenara Towers Route

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Almenara Towers Route

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Urban route and beaches

The beacon towers that wind through the province of Huelva are evidence of the fascinating history that the Costa de la Luz has lived through throughout its history. The defensive project to shield the perimeter between the coast of Gibraltar and Cape San Vicente in Portugal was conceived and promoted by King Felipe II (1556-1598) in order to provide the coastal viewpoint with defensive resources with which to protect itself from the untimely attacks of the Barbary pirates and other floating enemies that dominated the North African coasts. In turn, the coast represented a strategic place from which to avoid the invasions of Islamic peoples such as the Turks and Ottomans, whose presence had increased in the Iberian Peninsula during the 16th century.

Today, these defensive constructions scattered along the coast of Huelva, not only make up a tangible legacy of the military constructions of the time, but in the case of infrastructures such as Torre La Higuera, they represent one of the most recognizable and iconographic tourist symbols of Matalascañas.

The Almenara Towers Route is not only an invitation to get closer to the history of this seafaring land, but also a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of its coastline, contemplating environmental treasures such as Doñana and its 30 kilometers of virgin beaches. All this while allowing ourselves to be seduced by environments such as Matalascañas: with its unique beauty characterized by beaches of fine sand, infinite dunes that project towards the Atlantic, as well as cliffs from which the horizon can be seen, opening the doors of unique paradises to sip on drinks and tattoo the experience in our memories.


Camping Doñana – Parrot Tower (Loro Tower).

Cuesta Maneli - Asperillo Tower

Former Civil Guard Barracks.

Fig Tree Tower (Torre La Higuera).

Almenara Tower Bajo Guía.

Caño Guerrero

Sticks area.

Doñana trails.

Carbonero Tower.

Zalabar Tower.

Saint Jacinto Tower