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Route of the mares

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Route of the mares

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Urban and rural route

The Saca de las Yeguas is one of the most emblematic traditions of the town of Almonte. There are numerous ancient historical references that testify to this event as an ancestral livestock event, being in 1504, when, through the Ordinance of the Duke of Medina Sidonia, it was officially regularized. In that ordinance the figure of the “yegüerizo” appears and it is established that the cattle should move from the meadows bounded for that purpose to Almonte, coinciding with the festivity of Saint Peter, the Patron Saint of the town.

At present, in the livestock area of Almonte, Huerta de la Cañada, an Agro-Livestock trade fair is being held with a great increase in public attendance. Prelude to the Saint Peter Fair.


El Rocío, Start of the route in Sanlúcar street.

El Rocío. Hermitage Virgen del Rocío.

El Rocío-Almonte. Camino de los llanos.

Almonte. Entrance to the town, on the way to Los Llanos.

Almonte. Monument of the Mares.

Almonte. Livestock Enclosure.

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    El Rocío