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Feel El Rocío

A pilgrimage based on love and coexistence

What is experienced in El Rocío, is carried in one’s heart throughout life: helping brothers and friends in the sorrows of the road, pilgrimage to La Virgen whilst carrying one’s heart overflowing with love, tears and gratitude. In a setting of incomparable natural beauty, between sands and pine forests, the whole world stops here during Pentecost.

The feelings that overflow the soul when a sevillana is sung remembering those who are in the eternal sands of heaven, the joy that bursts through tears when seeing the silhouette of the hermitage on the horizon when the brotherhood makes its entrance into the village and knowing that Our Mother always welcomes us with a smile. A Smile that is engraved with fire and that we remember in moments of joy. Or her eyes, in which we take refuge when sorrows are many. Rocío is something so unique and personal that each year the experiences are stronger and more special.

Discovering El Rocío is feeling rociero forever, it is dreaming that the days go by to see it again in procession in its sandy streets, between salves and prayers, on the shoulders of the people of Almonte in a unique setting where faith and joy make an act of presence embellishing even more, if possible, the magical halo of Doñana.

Places of Interest

The Hermitage

Treasure Museum of the Virgen del Rocío

Marsh Walk

Rocío Interpretation Center